Park Maitland School

Teacher Feature

Take a look at what our wonderful teachers are doing in the classroom and around campus!

K-4 Veggie Volunteers

In K-4 Science and Social Studies, students welcomed into the classroom "Veggie Volunteers" who brought along fruits and veggies that start with the Letter B! Students enjoyed sampling and making wonderful B themed crafts with the fruits and vegetables. K-4's loved decorating their Butterflies with Beet juice using Broccoli as a paint brush -- oh what fun!

Art Robot

5th students in Design Thinking classes collaborated in groups to construct an art bot, a wobbly robot friend that creates art. Students investigated how changing the design of their robot by attaching different weights to the motor can change the way a robot draws. The group highlighted in the video below created a Robot Juke Box that makes art upside down while it plays different music CD's. This robot caused the whole class to celebrate and dance when the group got their robot operational! 
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