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Health and Safety

  • Person wearing face mask

    Facial Coverings

    Staff members have been provided with facial coverings to use while caring for the children. Children age 3 and older must wear facial coverings brought from home. We will work with the children m to help them adjust to
    this change.

  • First-Aid Kit

    Health Checks

    Temperatures of staff and children will be checked prior to entry. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will not be permitted to enter the facility. If a child becomes ill during the day, he/she will stay in a separate area while waiting for pickup.

  • People keeping a safe distance from each other

    Safe Distancing

    Access to adults other than staff will be very limited. Pick up and drop off will take place outside the facility. Seating areas will be spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart and swimming and field trips are suspended.

  • Fork, plate and knife


    Where applicable, lunch will be served in individual portions rather than family style. We will provide either sippy cups that we sanitize after each use, or one-time use cups for older children.

  • ZZZ


    Where applicable, during preschool naptimes, mats will be placed head to toe, not face to face. Each child’s bedding will be stored separately and sent home for washing periodically.

  • Washing hands


    We will continue our focus on handwashing and Staff will wear disposable gloves for serving food, changing diapers/toileting, etc. Playgrounds will be sanitized twice daily and will only be used by one classroom at a time.